Show project on subtask in 'My tasks' view

Agree!! Here will improve our usability a lot!

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We also need this. At my department we’re considering going premium, but there’s one thing that really annoys people. We’re using tasks as “containers” and subtasks as the things that need to get done. This is recommended in a lot of “how to”-manuals and it works great for us except for one problem that annoys the heck our of people: That subtasks don’t have the project label from the project that it’s parent is in which makes it pretty hard for people to distinguish which tasks belong to which project when looking at “My tasks”. We know that we can get subtasks to show project labels by manually adding the subtask to the project but this wont work for us (or most people I am sure) because of two things:

  1. Subtasks then show up along with tasks in the project view which creates a royal mess of tasks and subtasks mixed together and totally destroys the idea of maintaining order and structure through keeping subtasks within tasks.

  2. Every time we create a subtasks we would have to remember to manually add it to a project. This takes away the idea of Asana working seamlessly and without hassle.

Really hope to see a solution to this!


My team is facing this same challenge!

And actually up until about a week or two ago we could at least sort in “My Tasks” by project and the subtask would be viewable from there. This has now gone away. Have you noticed this too?

Haven’t noticed this (yet), but it sounds annoying.

I’d like to add my team’s frustration here. We use both tasks and subtasks frequently. Having all subtasks in the My Tasks view be grouped together at the bottom under “No Projects” does not give us a complete picture of responsibilities when we are sorting by project in that view.

Is there a technical reason why subtasks are grouped this way?

This is a big challenge for our team. Have not seen any response from the Asana team about when this can be resolved.

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Having this feature would REALLY help with our scrum meetings. I also use Asana to compile biweekly updates to my manager–would be great if the project name could be associated in the task export feature as well.

Hope this gets resolved soon.

We’re forced to write the project name at the beginning of every SUBTASK name. Cumbersome.

And to use the IOS app, we’re forced to write the project name at the beginning of every TASK name. wah!

Seems this would quite easy to implement!


You should have the option to lock the subtasks to the parent task. Currently, they are being treated as separate tasks whose only relation is their location in ASANA. Any and all task data should be able to be locked into the task no matter where it is, in a subtask, board or report. If a user wanted to make a report of board tasks to add custom fields they should be able to even though custom fields aren’t visible in a board project.

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Any progress on this? This would be a crucial feature for my team as well. And such a simple thing to fix, you would at least imagine!

Asana, please fix this asap!


Yes please…

I agree this is needed as well. I think most people spend a majority of their time in the Inbox and My tasks, and not being able to see which project a sub-task is associated with makes it more difficult.

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This would be a great addition as currently finding the parent project requires accessing the task and selecting the parent. Hopefully this is coming soon! :crossed_fingers:

I understand Asana wanting the subtask to belong to the parent task, but it is created still within some context and the fact this is completely lost in My Tasks view is so unintuitive. Subtasks are often the little things you want to get done first, but they’re “lost” when sorting by Project, and don’t display context when sorted by Date.

Even if the subtask isn’t actually assigned to that project, it’d be great if My Tasks could display the context of parents - an outline project bubble instead of a solid bubble, or something like that!

I was really excited to use Asana, but now, not so much. I thought one of the goals of Asana was to break down larger tasks into smaller bite sized chunks, but then, what happens? It throws those chunks (called subtasks) into the “no project” garbage pile of tasks to be done. It’s pretty useless if I can’t differentiate subtasks by project. My goal was to make multitasking between projects BETTER! If I have similar types of work on different projects how do I differentiate? I can’t, because Asana doesn’t know that subtasks for a project belong to that project too.

This needs to be fixed, but from the age of the complaints I don’t see how Asana thinks this is very important. If a project has a subtask, that subtask is still assigned to a project, so it should show up for that project! This is a critical design flaw!


Is it planned to implement here something to improve asana regarding this topic: project inherit to subtasks…? If so, where can I follow the progress?
thanks a lot!


Hi @Asana! Can we get an update on this request? Are there any plans to visit or revisit this topic? Being able to see the projects for subtasks in my task list would be very helpful. I hope someone from Asana can chime in here. Thank you!


Seriously, did the unicorns and rainbows feature get more votes than useful labeling of subtasks???


Just bumping (in addition to my vote), that this is badly badly needed in order to make “My Tasks” useful for PMs