Show Project Name with Tasks on Calendar

Hey @Angela_Y_Leon_Semiro, we don’t have any updates to share yet, but we’ll certainly inform everyone as soon as we have any news to share.

+1 we have too many projects in asana to use report color to ID projects and adding the project name as a tag is just clunky and repetitive.

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+1 for this. This would be really nice. Our team members can’t subscribe to projects via Google Calendar on a one-by-one basis (extremely inconvenient), so the only other way to allow them to sync Asana with Google Calendar is by “My Tasks”. Well, if the project name doesn’t show, then it’s hard to know which task belongs to which project.

As a temporary workaround, I have started naming my tasks like “[Project name] - [Task]”

Please add this urgently! Clickup has implemented this nicely.

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How difficult is this to implement? i mean really…

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I like the My Tasks calendar view, but a shortcoming is that users cannot see the project name associated with each task. It would be great for Asana to create a way for project names to always be displayed in the calendar view for each task – or for users to be able to select whether the project name is displayed or not.

Thank you!

Hi @Michael_Trudeau, welcome to the Asana Community Forum and thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us! We already have a request for this feature in the forum so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with Show Project Name with Tasks on Calendar to centralize feedback. We’ll keep the main thread updated once we have any news. Don’t forget to add your vote!

Hello, everybody needs this feature, we work on multiples projects and it’s so boring to copy/paste name of project on every title task …

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I use templates for requisitions with individual tasks assigned to different people. The same tasks and the same people for every requisition which could be as many as 30-40 at any one time. Without manually adding the project name to individual task descriptions within each template project, their tasks would all look the same. Surely this is an easy fix. Has anyone had a response yet?