Show Project Name with Tasks on Calendar

you may vote for this feature …

Asana team - any update on this?

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Not at the moment, but I’m keeping a close eye on this thread and will make sure to give you an update as soon as I have one!

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Can we thumbs down a post to show our dislike of it? LOL . But seriously, it would be super helpful if the calendars were more refined like including the Project name preceding the task. Also, the calendar view in portfolios would be better if you could have a summary view of the concurrent projects, like a roll-up level in other project scheduling tools. I come from a Primavera background, so hopefully you know or can imagine what I’d like to see here.

+1 for this

+1 on this

This should be a straightforward change, project name and task should be easily viewable on the calendar. I agree with all past comments regarding this. Clicking on the task in calendar view to see the project is clunky and wastes time.

Everyone would greatly appreciate this change.

Would love to have this option. We have hundreds of tasks with the same name, colors don’t help, etc., etc.

My workaround is to name the task as:
Task Name: Project Name

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Extra work when the tasks start adding up per project, but it’s really the only way to make the calendar work for us. Please add this option!

Hello, I would love to see this feature as well! We do event-based planning most of the time, so it’s difficult to set up events/projects, and then not be able to see all of the projects/due dates on the team calendar. Having to view each project calendar independently makes it hard to see just where we are in terms of overall event-readiness.

Honestly- This is so absurd that it does not exist. It’s been a glaring issue for over a year and it’s insane this isn’t already a fixed issue. How is this proper management if I cant see what project is what in an overview?

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I’ve just been using Asana for a couple months, still on the free version.

Wondering if there’s a way to customize the calendar. I checked the documentation ( but couldn’t figure out a way to have the calendar just show project titles and not display all the tasks associated with the project.


Hi @Ed_Geis, welcome to our Forum, I’d be glad to help! You are correct, at this time, Calendar view only shows tasks within projects, but not the project titles.

We do have a thread on this topic, so if you don’t mind, I’m merging your post so that you and other users can add concentrate your votes in a single thread for this feature request. :slight_smile:

how to see project names in the calendar?
let’s say you manage weekly phonecalls with your clients and have “Phonecall” as tasks.
then you see several “phonecall”-task in calendar, but what project?

because i see that your dev department has so many long awaited features from the community and is not able to fulfill their needs, could you please advice me where i can post “asana extension programming” so the community can establish an external programming hub to self develop all the missing things, e.g. a fully working calendar.

is there