Show only task assigned to me



I am new to the software and I am trying to determine if there is a way to show only tasks assigned to me when you go on a certain project on the board section with the column view. I am not referring to the general section on the top left side “My task” but my question is specifically for the individual projects under the column view. I have used that option in another similar product but wasn’t able o find it here. Thank you.


Hi @Svetlozar_Popov there are two ways you could achieve this:

  1. Use the project view options to sort the project by “Assignee” and it’ll show you all tasks assigned to you (as well as everyone else). It basically changes the way tasks are ordered/grouped in the project. From the view options, you can save the project to always display this way if you prefer.

  2. You could create an advanced search and search for tasks in your project assigned to you. You could then save this report for future use if you like.


Hi there, thank you so much for the response. However, I was able to look over those suggestions but unfortunately does not really give the exact answer to my question or I am not able to accomplish the result I am looking for. Let us say I am looking over the board view in one of my projects. I would like to now see and manage only the tabs with tasks assigned only to me and see the same board view with multiple columns so I can move my tasks to the next column. I noticed the “view” button you have located to the right of the page which it would make sense to be the exact location where I should be able to manage which tasks to show and that is indeed the right button but unfortunately, the only options I have are only 3 (incomplete, complete and all). This is where my goal is to be able to stay and see the same board view but able to eliminate all other task and leave only the ones assigned to me.
Thank you again.


No worries. Unfortunately, this is one of the limitations of using a board (and why I prefer lists).


Use of additional filters would make perfect sense with Asana boards, or any boards. It’s just not a feature that currently exists in Asana. I find lack of full-featured filtering (FFF :slight_smile: )to be a serious limitation, as well.


Well, I think this is something that needs to be worked on for this software. I believe as team leader heaving the freedom to be able to select which team member to review is a good acid to the application as well as being able to review your own tasks. This way you can easily review how much every team member has worked and how much each of them has to accomplish by being able to see the individual task and finally being able to review them. From this point, you are able to eighter select the task as an accomplished one or move it back to the “in progress”. I have used a software that has those feature and I would say this is a very important feature and one of the first thing I looked for ones I signed with Asana. With that said, time for an upgrade, no one likes limitations… :sunny:


My team, too, have been requesting a way to see just their tasks in the board screen. It’s a basic feature we became used to in Trello.



We just switched to Asana, and the absence of this feature was quite a surprise. My teammate is now working on building a chrome extension for our team as a hack to achieve this.


@paulminors Is there any update here? Seems this feature is much appreciated by users and lack of it makes board view much less useful :frowning:


Not that I know of. Perhaps reach out to Asana support (I’m just an ambassador).


@paulminors thanks, through which channel?


Hey @Damian_Krol
If you wished to get in touch with Asana support, visit
Click “I’m having trouble with” then navigate down to “Lets Talk”

See you on the other side!


Thanks Michael, done.


This must exist. What frustration that it doesn’t.


Have you managed to build this extension? My team would also benefit from this kind of a workaround but we have no IT guy with us. Please let me know.