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With the integration of Custom Fields we are trying to move product management from JIRA to Asana. We don’t need all the advanced things from JIRA except organization, which is achieved by Custom Fields. Only thing is, in this new more heavy environment, its more important to see only your tasks. No matter how well organized project is, specific developer should see their own tasks only.

Tasks by Assignee is not an answer because it works as a replacement of other organization structure (like Custom Fields). Goal is to see your tasks organized. Not one of these two.


@kshengelia, you could run an Advanced Search, defining yourself (or another developer) as the Assignee and Projects as your Project. That would allow you to only see the Tasks that are assigned to you, in that specific Project.

I’m also interested in whether My Tasks would work for your developers, as that’s a single place where they can view all Tasks assigned to them. It would also allow them to prioritize/organize their Tasks in a way that is custom to them. Would that work for your team?


@Sara, both of those options are great. However, we are service company. We have lots of projects going on. My Tasks view for developer can be little cluttered when working on specific project. Working in project is better for the context - you see all tasks, grouped, organized in a way which makes sense for project. Especially for projects with only one developer, we might even not assign all tasks to this one developer, just add it to the project.

As with Advanced Search, this is how it looks when you search like that:

And this is how project is organized:

To sum up, both - 1) Advanced Search and 2) My Tasks yes are showing only assignee tasks but are lacking context of specific project. I think this feature belongs to “Customize View” rather than Advanced Search. Like on JIRA:

What do you think about that?


@kshengelia, are you able to run an Advanced Search for Tasks assigned to a certain person, and then sort by Project? While that’s not exactly what you’re asking – which I understand to be a Filter on a Project that shows “Just My Tasks” – this should get you the same data as I imagine would be populated by that Search.


@Sara, no need to sort by project because screenshot above shows that Advanced Search is already done for specific assignee in specific project (P: OSGF). So, screenshot above shows me all tasks in P: OSGF project assigned to specific developer.

This is same data as you have mentioned. Only thing is it cannot be sorted by custom fields (by epic, status, component…) and I really think power of custom fields should really be reflected in getting that kind of reports.

Anyway, I understand this is not how it works now but do you think that might be viable feature request?

Let’s sum up like this: first screenshot I have posted shows how my project is organized using custom fields. This is best structure of this project. This project has multiple members. I think each of these members should be able to see only their tasks (to declutter interface) without sacrificing project structure which makes whole project organized and easy-to-understand. This is why I think this request is very organic of what Asana is trying to do with Custom Fields.

Quick filters - as long as we have Custom Fields