Show number of underlying tasks in Board columns

years later but here my +1

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Still waiting for this. Would be soooo helpful.

As a user that is viewing a board (List view) I would like to see a counter that indicate how many tasks are under this section.

For example, instead of see “In Progress”, I’d like to see “In Progress (5)” that indicate I have 5 tasks under this section


@Hagai_Galai I don’t know if it helps you as a workaround, but if you enable “Show task row numbers” in the settings, then you see at a glance how many tasks are in each section in list view.

thanks @david.bragason , after I turned it on I can see total sub-tasks next to each task. But not how many tasks are there under a board ‘section’ (Project List View)


I just meant that you can read the number of tasks in each section from the line number of the bottom task in each section. Such as 3 tasks in SecA and 5 tasks in SecB in the screenshot. If there’s a lot of tasks in a section, you would need to scroll to the bottom of the section to see this though…

thanks @david.bragason this is a creative solution, I appreciate it.
I prefer that the system will work for me instead that I will “work for the system” :slight_smile:

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The above option listed by @david.bragason is great for list view.
Now for board view I have found an existing feedback request thread and merged your post into that one.
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Another workaround until/if a complete solution becomes available:

If you don’t mind clicking the Dashboard tab, you could have this:


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I want the feature to show count of tasks in a section by status, and have for a long time. All of the consolidated threads really do mislead the reader into thinking that there is something you can do in the app, especially with @Natalia’s official response stating that the feature is available from 2019 (lol, 4 years ago?). Isn’t there a way to make it clear that this is NOT available, or separate the feature requests as they were originally submitted?

How has this remarkably simple feature still not been implemented?

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+1 this feature is still needed

+1 for this feature


I would LOVE to be able to see the number of tasks in a column in board view. This would be sooo helpful.