Show loading bar when uploading files

When I upload a file, it uploads in the background with no progress indicator. This feels like it hasn’t responded to my upload request. It would be more intuitive if there was a loading bar, spinner, or other indicator during the file upload.

Asana 1.10.1 for Mac

I should note that there’s a loading bar in the chat box if you, say, paste a file in. But nothing shows if you drag and drop from somewhere else.

There’s definitely a loading bar, up in the attachment section. You don’t see it?
CleanShot 2022-09-08 at 10.38.42

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Ah, I see the issue. When I drag and drop, the loading bar appears above the comments where all the attachments are grouped. But if there’s a bunch of comments, and I’m at the bottom of the comment chain, I won’t see the loading bar since it’s out of view. However, if I start a new comment and paste in a file, I’ll see a loading bar within the new comment box.

So it’s not a bug, but I do think it’s bad UX design.


I believe there is no a difference between an attachment on the task and an attachment on a comment.

I don’t know what to tell you. The fact is that the loading bar exists but in certain circumstances it isn’t visible. And an invisible loading bar might as well not be there at all, because it’s only useful if you can see it.

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