Show list of task assigned to you

Hi, Does anyone know how to show a list of task assigned to you. The reporting function allows your task list to be filtered by “Tasks I’ve Created” or “Tasks I’ve assigned to Other”. It doesn’t seem to have the function to filter by tasks that have been assigned by another team member. Thanks

“My Tasks” is typically the easiest place to see a list of tasks assigned to you (whether by you or anyone else). (The downside is that sorting, filtering, and viewing of custom fields are limited or non-existent.)

If you have access to Advanced Search (it might take Premium - not sure), you can always search for tasks assigned to you, and even save the search, thus making it a Report. You will have somewhat more flexibility in how you view these tasks.


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In case you need to, you can learn more about what @Stephanie_Oberg has explained in the following Guide articles:

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