Show indicator on Predecessor Tasks

Sorry I’m relatively new here, so if this is a repeat of a request, please merge where appropriate!

I contributed to this post:

This is something I could really use as I work around Asana, but since that post isn’t an actual request, and I couldn’t find another, I wanted to create one.

I think it would be very useful if you see the information on a Predecessor Task the same way that you can a Dependent:

  • A logo indicating this type of task in List View. Since Asana doesn’t have “Priority” natively, this could help rank these tasks when going through a list as you’d know that if they don’t get done, the dependents can’t get started, either.

  • The info at the top of the Task Details view that shows the info on the Dependent Tasks, just like those Dependent tasks have now vis a vis Predecessor Tasks.

Thanks Guys!

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