Show/Hide tasks in timeline depending on field

Hi there!

I am currently lacking the feature to show/hide items in a timeline depending on a field. Could be either:

  • “Larger/smaller than” or “equal” for numeric fields
  • “Equals” for drop-down fields.
    Just like a filter function to be honest…

Possible use-cases:

  • If you have a field that describes the necessary equipment for a certain task, you can plan accordingly
  • We use the fields for budget planning. Sometimes you only want to see “expensive” items.
  • We send weekly updates of our timeline to clients/partners. Some tasks are for internal use only and should not be shared. It would be great if you could just hide them prior to PDF export.

What do you think?


Would be great. Filtering and sorting are rudimentary in Asana and I’m not sure the product managers there really understand the need or the use cases. Perhaps it’s a scope issue…small numbers of projects and tasks don’t need much filtering or sorting…but 500 Projects and 10,000 Tasks definitely do.

Hi Stephanie!

Absolutely, that is probably the best way to summarize it.
Especially when you are planning a project from concept phase up until hardware manufacturing for 10k units per year, there will be A LOT OF TASKS.
Sure, you want to have them organized in sub-project and the like, but filtering ALWAYS helps.

So please, Asana, help us in staying organized with filters :heart_eyes: