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Hello - we’re big Asana fans, so here’s an idea - I look forward to seeing if others are interested or maybe have another suggestion for us. It would be great if we could filter tasks (list view, timeline view, etc.) based on a field(s). This has surfaced now that we’ve started using Portfolios and interconnecting projects more.

For instance, I’d rather have a single “Backlog” project with products as the section names. There would be a field designating the product to which that relates:

Backlog Project
Section name: Application Product
Task1: Improve auto-population from user profile Product (custom field): Application

Then in my Application Roadmap project I could have a section called Backlog and it would only show tasks where “Project” = “Backlog Project” and where “Product” = “Application”. If this were the case, I’m not sure if should I be able to edit the task from anywhere, or just the home/original project.

Helpful? Crazy? Better approaches?


I do believe you can filter by custom fields, and you could also create a rule based on those fields. I’m not sure if I’m understanding your goal correctly, but based on what I’m seeing, I’d recommend the following:

In the Application Project create a custom field called “status” or ever “Backlog” where you can indicate if a task is in backlog.
The create a rule for that same project that says if a task is marked as backlogged, add it to “Backlog Project” in the Application Product section.
You could create a second rule that says if it’s no longer marked as backlogged it would remove the task from “Backlog Project”.

I do not believe there is a rule to remove tasks from a project at this time, only to move to or add to other projects, but you could create an additional section on your “Backlog Project” that is “in progress” so it no longer shows in your the Application Project section.

You can also filter a view by custom fields when you click on “filter,” “+custom filter,” and then select the field.

Finally, you should be able to build a report via Advanced Search. When you select Advanced Search, choose Tasks,
In Projects: Application Product (and you can add additional projects if you wish)
+Add Filter: “Add custom field” (Your backlog status field - note this probably has to be a field that has been added to your library).
Search. I should mention that this will not break your tasks into sections, but you can sort it by project and you can save the search when you’re done so you can return to it at any time.

Hope that helps!

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Hi @Mark_Wiles, thanks for reaching out!

As mentioned by @Kelly_Mooney, it is currently possible filter by custom fields. Just select the Filter option at the top of the project, choose Custom Filter and select field you wish to view! :slight_smile:

Thanks Kelly for jumping in here with some great suggestions too!

Thank you @Rebecca_McGrath and @Kelly_Mooney! This is an approximation, however, this filter function filters every task in the project view, rather than just tasks in a section. Per the image I’m attaching, I was hoping to be able to have a section called “Backlog” and for this project have it filter just on that section (where product=application). Again, maybe a bad idea, just exploring options. Thanks again.

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