Should the Asana web app be responsive?



I’m sure there’s a reason as to why it wouldn’t be already but would ideally be fully-responsive on a desktop/laptop to accommodate varying workflows.

I literally couldn’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve tried to pull up Asana and another window, side-by-side, on Windows and on macOS, to work on my ever-growing task list.

In its current state, you can certainly put Asana off to the side as I just described — and you’ll be able to see your list of tasks — but the lack of purposeful responsiveness prevents you from seeing details for any task you select.

Ideally, when in a responsive state, the task details would overlap the list of tasks until you select to close the details — by selecting an x or using esc. When Asana is restored to a specific width, the tasks and task details would resume functioning side-by-side.

Anybody else think this would be useful… or have any other ideas on how this could/would/should work?



All of Asana should be mobile centric, meaning cell phones and tablets would take priority over laptops and computers regardless of the current usage statistics showing higher usage by computer users than mobile users. Fully responsive, any-screen-size, design should be a top priority.

A fully responsive system isn’t a consideration these days, it’s a requirement. Putting the heat to companies large and small, Google has made fundamental and sweeping changes to their algorithms to give considerable preference to
sites that are mobile friendly and especially to sites with mobile-centric design.

(That said, isn’t it fascinating how much of Google‘s system is mobile antagonistic, and pages are served up on top on phones that look like they were made for IMAX screens. Let’s see how many hackneyed phrases I can string along… Like most all software companies, they probably claim Cobbler’s Kids Syndrome, never time to mend their own shpes for spending all their time worrying over everyone else’s. I just find it ironic how they just don’t drink their own champagne! So much of Google‘s administrative systems are impossible to use on a mobile device. Yet their side show up right up top when it comes to search results! It helps to be the one writing the algorithms I guess :slight_smile: It’s like our parents used to say, “do as I say not as I do. “)

But seriously, it really is and Asana’s best business interests to be fully responsive everywhere. It affects all aspects of the business from marketing to sales to customer satisfaction and customer service requests. I imagine it’s a lot of work, but work that is sorely needed and will reap big rewards over time.


This is the most common frustration our team experiences as well. The mobile app functions well (IMHO). If the same functionality could be applied to the web app and Windows Desktop app, I believe this would resolve this issue.


I encountered this same issue today. I run my Mac in Split View and could not figure out why that was not supported via a responsive design. I would love to see Split View supported better, so one can run two views at once via Mac OS.