Should organization Premium features roll over into personal Workspace?

Hi! I primarily use a Premium plan account for my Organization. From my Organization account, I created a new Workspace for my personal tasks (not shared with the Organization).

In the new Workspace, I am prompted to upgrade. But shouldn’t the Premium features be available in my new Workspace, given they are linked on the same email address?


Hi @Scott_Murray1, thanks for reaching out!

Subscriptions are applied to individual spaces and not overall accounts. Should you upgrade your Organization, this will not be carried over to any other Organizations or Workspaces linked to your account.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks, Rebecca. That does help.

For what it’s worth, nothing in the UI makes it clear that the billing/plan applies only to a specific Organization (or Workspace?). When I go to the admin / billing section, I’m shown my Premium plan, but not its “scope” in the sense of what it applies to. I suspect if the UI just indicated something like “Premium plan (for” or listed out all the Orgs/Workspaces that plan applied to, you’d get fewer confused requests like mine. :slight_smile:

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