Should I close sections ? Should I assign sections?


Hi ! What’s the best practice ? Should I close a section if all the section tasks are closed ? Makes any sense to asign sections ?

Thanks !


In my experience there were cases when assigning section was reasonable (including due date). For example in the cases when there are more than one person responsible for the particular stage of the project.

As for closing the sections, I’ve never had the case, as I prefer to archive the project after all the steps are completed. However, it will be interesting to hear other opinions - now I think sometimes it might be useful to close them.


I don’t close sections in my projects, simply because I like to see it within the project as a frame of reference. I’ve also never assigned a section to a specific team member… but I guess you could!

But that makes me wonder-- if you assign someone a section, do they automatically get assigned all of the tasks within that section???


No, I don’t think they do. They only get the section task. Assigning sections I find makes the My Tasks view for the assignee cluttered. I tend to not assign sections, but I may assign a due date if my section represents a “milestone”. What I’ve found is better though, is to define a “milestone” task with due date in the section itself , and use the sections purely as a container. But, thats just my particular preference :wink:


No, assigning a section header will not assign all of the sub-tasks to that user.


Hi @Michinio,

In my projects, I do not assign users to section headers. I will assign a due date to track milestones, especially now that Asana is working more like a MPP with dependencies and the new timeline view.

I have noticed, however, that when creating tasks after a section header has been closed, can sometimes falsely assign new tasks to that section header. I believe this is due to closing a section header before all of its sub tasks have been completed, then creating a new task by hitting enter (to create a new task) on that task.

To prevent this, I find that clicking on the section header, hitting enter will ensure that the new task has the appropriate section grouping. I then drag it to the appropriate order.