Shortcuts not working when first activating the Asana App

The issue seems to have been introduced since we have the Tabs feature on the App.

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
When activating the Asana App (bringing it to the front), if the first key that is pressed is TAB ↹ (shortcut trigger key) then the app’s tab is selected, this prevents any shortcut from being triggered, because the focus is not on the app but on the tab.

Steps to reproduce:
Minimize Asana → Click on the App to bring it to the front → hit the TAB ↹ key.

Browser version:

What version of Asana are you using (Basic/Premium/Business/Enterprise)?
Probably irrelevant. But reproduced both on Enterprise and Business.

Why is this an issue for me?
I very often after activating the Asana App do one of these things:

TAB + I = Inbox
TAB + Z = My Tasks
TAB + K = Search

I never need to open a new tab as the first action after activating the app, and even then I would rather use CMD + T to open a new tab.

I now need to lift my hands from the keyboard, reach out for the mouse, click on an empty space outside the tab, and then I can use shortcuts. In case you are asking yourself -yes, I activate the App itself from the keyboard- I am clicking around in the GIF just for a clearer example :slight_smile:

Upload screenshots below:

Please note: I am hitting “TAB + I” but on screen is only shown the TAB key (don’t ask why :slight_smile: )

Shortcut not triggering
CleanShot 2023-12-20 at 13.59.47

Shortcut triggering after mouse click - i.e. clicking away from the tab
CleanShot 2023-12-20 at 14.09.18

Hi @Rosario_Messina, thank you for the bug report!

I have trouble reproducing the bug because somehow I can’t open the new tab with Cmd+T. The search bar is focused instead :thinking:
The shortcuts work fine for me, just after the Asana app is opened.

In your first screen recording, by pressing Tab key several times, the focus seems to be moving back and forth between the close button and the create new tab button. Is that correct?
I have a feeling we should be able to move the focus to the in-app screen after pressing the key several times.

Also, your second recording still only shows the Tab key pressed. Is it possible to check if the system receives the “I” key pressed even for the first recording?

That’s correct @Shun_Sakurai. I like the idea of being able to move to different sections of the app as long as the initial focus after activating the app is in a place that allows the user to trigger shortcuts.

That’s an issue with CleanShotX the capture software I am using. TAB + I is recognized by the system, just not displayed unfortunately in the GIF I’ve created.

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Hi @Rosario_Messina sorry for the delay! Checking with our Developers, some shortcut issues were fixed in a recent update. Can you confirm if the issue persists after updating the app?

Hi Vanessa,

Thank you for following up on this.

Unfortunately the issue seem to be persisting.


Thank you for confirming, @Rosario_Messina. I have escalated this case to our Developers for investigation and will keep you informed of any updates!


I actively cannot use shortcuts on the iPad app as well. Kind of annoying and makes it much more inefficient…

Hi @Nick_O_Neill, sorry to hear that you are also experiencing this issue. Unfortunately I don’t have an ETA to share yet, but as soon as I hear back from our Developers I’ll let you know.

Also experiencing shortcut issues w the quick task add… this is crushing me…

[CMD] [SHIFT] [+]

Hey @Vanessa_N - are you able to confirm for me if my issue is included in this bug? Its absolutely killing my productivity and I just need to know if its on Asanas side or mine…

I use the quick task add shortcut [CMD] [SHIFT] [+] countless times throughout the day. Its a super power in a meeting. But I cant seem to be able to get it to work anymore.

When I access the menu settings tab that has the toggle switch for the shortcut, it quickly shows the switch toggling from off to on real quick. Almost as if its bugged out to “off” unless viewing that menu tab, in which it automatically toggles “on.” Ive tried every which way to try and keep it in “on” position, but the shortcut fails to respond.

I havent been able to find any other programs stealing that shortcut combo. And I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app. But no luck.

Desperate for this to work again. Asana just isnt the same for me without out.

Have you or the devs come across anything similar while researching shortcut issues?

Hi @FenwayJohnny, sorry to hear that. This seems to be a different issue, and for some reason, the shortcut [CMD] [SHIFT] [+] still works on my end, both in the web app and in the Desktop app.

Can you confirm if the behavior is the same in your web app? Also good to test it in incognito. I don’t have an update from the Developers yet, but once I get your reply, I’ll add your case to the escalation report. Thank you!

Hi @Vanessa_N - thanks for getting back to me. I have never used the webapp, but just tried and am not getting the shortcut command to work. I guess worth noting that I dont even see the option in the settings menu.

I DM’d you a screen recording to show you what I am experiencing in the desktop app.

Thank you, @FenwayJohnny. I’ll forward the screencast to our Developers to check if these issues might be related. If necessary, I’ll move your case to a separate topic.

Hi @Vanessa_N ! I hope you’re doing well. Any updates on this?

Hi @Jesse_Ekkerd, I’m good, thanks! Hope you are well too! I’ve just checked with our Developers and unfortunately they don’t have an update to share yet, but I’ll keep you posted. Sorry for the delay.