Shortcut to Move Tasks to the Top of My Tasks



I would LOVE the ability to move a task to the very top of My Tasks with a simple keyboard shortcut. In my instance this happens to also be to the top of New Tasks, as this is the section that I have at the top (and where I do most of my organising).

Currently the only way I can do this from directly within My Tasks is to slowly drag it up, which takes forever as my task list is very very long.

Also, if I don’t know where the task is in My Task list, but I can see it from within a Project view, then to get it to the top of My Tasks I again need to un-assign and reassign myself. It then automatically appears at the top of My Tasks (because it’s a “New Task” for me as result of being freshly assigned/re-assigned).

It would be great if I could to simple shortcut to just take a task to the top of My Tasks.

What do you think?