Shortcut to move task to top of "Today?"


Hi everyone! I’ve googled and checked the guides for this, but can’t find the answer.

Is there a keyboard shortcut to move a task to the top of my “today” list? I know I can use tab-y to move it to today, but it defaults to the bottom of the list. I’d like to be able to move it to the top easier than dragging it with a mouse.

Any ideas?


Great question- keyboard shortcuts save me so much time :grin:

Can you try “Cmd + Shift + Up Arrow”?

If you have custom sections in your Today section, it will move it to the top of each, and if you keep everything in one list in Today, it should move to the top of all. Either way it should be much quicker than dragging and dropping

“Cmd + Up Arrow” alone should move it up one task at a time as well if you want to move in between tasks in the list without using the mouse.


OMG! You’ve just changed my life! Thank you so much!
I’m on a PC, so ctrl+shift+ up arrow worked like magic. :smile: