Short task link with ID

I also strongly support this feature request. Like Andrew_Pons shared above, my team would benefit from connecting Asana tickets to other platforms.

It would be wonderful to have a short ID number (like JIRA’s AB-001 format) that we could use when tagging files so all a user has to do is search and find the corresponding ticket.

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Totally needed, the way ID is offered now is too complicated for most cases


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We still can’t figure out why this feature is still not included.
This feature is essential in task tracking, so we are also considering leaving Asana.

Our organization was 99% there on choosing Asana as our new SDLC management tool. This issue alone has stopped us from moving forward until a solution is in place. We are a small to mid sized company so a solution like JIRA is over-bloated and is overkill. Asana looked really promising from a price point / feature set but not having unique ID’s is pretty disruptive to our current process.

I am curious as to how other companies in tech are able to manage sprints/agile approaches and reconcile work to time entries without a readable/unique task ID?

I understand that the response right now is “Use a Third Party tool” like Flosana, but for small companies like ours and added 2.99 a month per Asana user is a crazy ask to just add an ID.

short id / reference id definitely need! a simple auto-increment custom field per project might be enough.

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Our team is just doing a trial on this, open it up and the first thing we’ve noticed is that there are no short IDs, this is absolutely essential for Agile. Is available in GitHub Projects, Jira and I guess practically every project management tool. It’s looking like this could be a breaker. Really think this should be TOP priority for Asana!

Hey everyone! we really need this feature! This shorts ID’s bring us a lot of solutions for our internal communication and for external tools integrations as GitHub and improves a lot the way that we use asana into our teamwork. I’ll be waiting this feature and it needs to be TOP priority for Asana UX!

I can’t believe that after 5 years of asking for what is undoubtedly a standard feature of project management software/service, Asana is still dragging its feet on this?

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+1, this is a critical feature for our producers to move into Asana from Jira. Is this on the roadmap?

Hi @Chris_Wert and welcome to the forum,

FYI Asana doesn’t publish a roadmap or comment on possible future features.

Well, you lost me. I’ll never recommend Asana to anyone - because I’d hate to have to use it with them.

Sadly Jira wins again.


Re point 4. That would make Asana way easier to understand.

Hey if you are still searching, I made this free app to use for asana simple task IDs!
I even made a little tutorial on how to start with it.

(The source code is open source GitHub - marfrede/asana-number-nerd)

Kind regards
Marvin Frede