Short task link with ID

TBH, it’s not clear that even 1000 votes for a feature would move the Asana dev team.


We should probably collect all the forum topics together that are about this feature, like Task with unique identifier
I’m already giving up fighting with Asana, mainly because of this misfeature… also, the negative usability changes (like dead meat navigation “Details>” button in lists) we are seeing lately, are worrying.

It’s been about 6 months since I last asked and it appears that other than more people asking for this feature, there is still no feedback from Asana? Can someone from Asana please address this request? Is this even a consideration for Asana?


Please understand that Asana by their policy doesn’t discuss possible future happenings, so I would not have expectations of any feedback from them. Here’s some more useful context:

Agreed with all those that have contributed to this thread - this is a real dealbreaker!

We started to build a list of workarounds, including for this feature request: 🔥 Hottest feature requests and their workarounds

Any new idea?

I signed up for Asana today, to try it out and see if I can move my team to this tool. It looks like a great tool, with the main exception being - no project specific task ID. Like many others have mentioned - we use that in source code commits, and have even build a custom integration to create comments with links to source code changes and diffs for the tool we currently use (Clubhouse).

At any rate - seeing how long this has been asked for and the amazing lack of feedback on this - I am passing on Asana. Too bad.

This thread is over 3 years old and still nothing from Asana. Can they please just decide whether to do this or not already!!!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?

Even if Asana does not decide to do it right away, they do re-evaluate this kind of request on a regular basis. And the number of votes on the product request is weighing in on the decision!

+1 from me. It’s really annoying not being able to anyhow meaningfully connect git feature branches with Asana :frowning:

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This is by far my largest pet peeve with Asana. It’s a very very useful feature in Jira and is a major blocker for converting most Jira based dev teams to Asana.

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@Phil_Seeman : thanks for the comment, I know you are only trying to be helpful and I am (selfishly) only looking for Asana to address a significant need for our organization, but with no feedback from Asana on this particular feature, it is making me actually consider an alternative, something I would not have dreamed of doing after deploying Asana.

The ability to track Tasks by ID is of such vital importance to our organization’s ability to consolidate our tools, improve our speed and efficiency and therefore our positive impact on our staff and clients, that knowing most other tools provide this capability makes me wonder if other tools have enough other necessary characteristics to consider a migration?

That’s not a threat. We are only a 25-member organization and are minuscule in terms of Asana, so there would be no impact on Asana if we left. And… this feature is not yet a deal-breaker, but it is moving in that direction. Considering how old this request is, I would have thought there would be ‘some’ response from Asana after almost FOUR years and that by the time this did become a deal-breaker, Asana would have some (maybe not ideal, but some) solution.

Unfortunately, there has only been the sound of silence…

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No feedback does not mean they won’t never do anything. They consider each thread like this one on a regular basis, and don’t communicate on the roadmap.

So you mean they will ever do anything?
Sorry, just a double negative joke. :wink:

I get it, Asana Dev is the ivory tower, nobody dare approach, they prefer to just watch the people from the walls… I understand, they want a development environment that yields the results the Asana company is looking for. But four years… it just seems like the idea of having a Task ID has been rejected awhile ago and nobody informed the users, other than via the ambassadors, which are doing their best to be helpful.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of Asana. The depth, flexibility, smooth UI and regular new features, there is a lot to like (other than the new color palette, which is horrible), which is why I selected Asana for our company in the first place. It’s just four years with no response is a… long time.


I am a developer and also a small business owner, I use asana for my small business.
I’m a jira and bugherd guy for a long time both offers TASK ID which helps a lot saving time.

I’m looking forward for this feature to be developed and will not hesitate to go premium anytime this feature has been added.

We are looking for exactly the same feature. We are using asana today for product roadmap management as well as bug tracking. We want to be able to easily link test case runs to tasks, and tasks/defects to commits. The “taskid” is really no option. We need something simple like suggested numerous times in this thread like available in github and jira.

Don’t understand what can be so difficult about this

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Yes, please!

March '21 bump - we need this, just like we did 4 years ago, thanks !

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such a simple request (ID#++ on the same Project)… how can asana be used on big companies ? still 26 days to decide whether to pay or not…


Another three months and… nothing from Asana. Really disappointing.