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Phil, agreed, and I am not trying to be obnoxious. But I am doing a thorough analysis of Asana, and I intend to be discerning as there is a ton of investment and opportunity cost when you commit a team to a Work Management tool. I too am an entrepreneur and software creator, and it goes against all Agile/Lean and general best practices I’m aware of to ignore customers to this extent. There really should be no threads in this forum - which is heavily promoted by the Asana Product Team themselves - that are ignored. At the very least I think there should be enough staff assigned to the forum to provide transparent communication, so the frequent voices of “stop ignoring us” disappear. We are talking about an organization with massive means: pre-IPO, large engineering team, etc. They are at the top of its industry:

So I am coming in with high expectations. And facing $30/month for a license (I can’t do yearly, and need the business features), plus probably double that for plugins that offer basic functionality absent, like time tracking, Gantt, your excellent tool, and adding Custom ID’s (!), this is all the more reason my expectations are high.

If you look at that chart and the mass of tools coming up on Asana, many of which I’ve extensively tested, none have:

  • any issue with whether you can view your project in a list or board - took forever to get that fixed here
  • the notion of a “start date” on a task - also took forever to implement
  • Negligible Custom Fields that don’t even include date!
  • No markdown in task description:

Asana is fairly brilliantly conceived with it’s structure and flexibility. But this is not stuff that’s particular genius, and many of the tools on that chart mirror the basic functionality of Multi-homing tasks. On the other hand, more of the basics that are missing in Asana around the great structure, like this list above, are coming along slowly in my opinion, compared to the other guys who are more agile as I observe the way the listen to user requests.

I appreciate that Asana is now at scale and no work is easy. But that comes with being successful. It’s a very competitive space, and some of these features have to be added, no matter how challenging, or users will look elsewhere.


Unfortunately this is not useful as those numbers show the order and are not related to the task. So if you change their places task that was number 2 will become 1, etc. You cannot reference to those numbers as unique identifiers.

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Amen to that!

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Right, I understand that row numbers can change with the addition of tasks and reordering. I offered that workaround thinking of a real time phone conversation where both people have the project open and someone might say “Task number 12 under Planning.” Beyond that, I agree it is not particularly useful. That’s why I also referenced the copy task link.

I completely agree tasks should have visible Unique IDs…really everything should for ease of reference.

Hi there,

Currently, when viewing a list of Projects, the Project List shows the Team Name in smaller text underneath the Project Title. It would be great if this could show the number of tasks within the Project.

Project A 6
Project B 2
Project C 1
Project D 12



Welcome to the Forum @Nathan_Goss and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

This is a popular request in the forum and we currently have a thread regarding this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with it for consolidation purposes. I hope it’s OK :slight_smile:

Thank you again for your feedback! Have a great weekend! :wave:t5:


@Natalia - I’ve read SO many requests for this feature. Is this on the product roadmap? Is there a public Asana roadmap? I’m sure you’d have tons of people who’d be glad to give you feedback in an Early Access Program if you wanted : )


I agree with Mark (and MANY, MANY more). This topic/feature request has been around for a LONG time, but there is no feedback from Asana. Is this even a consideration for Asana?

I just got an invitation to an “Ask us anything” event from the EMEA Customer Success Team. I presume a few others here did too. I might try and join so I can ask them about this.

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The issue @Nathan_Goss has is not the same as the one being discussed in this thread. However, while we have you, could you try to get some answers for the customers who have been asking questions on this thread for a long time?

@Liam_Ward: thanks!

Hi @Liam_Ward and apologies for the confusion! I understood it was the same request as discussed here. Can you kindly confirm or clarify @Nathan_Goss?

Unfortunately I don’t have any information to share at the moment but rest ensure that we will keep you posted here as soon as we have any update!

Thank you Liam! Have a nice week!

I was reading through the topic again, as my only real concern before going paid with Asana was this misfeature. Years passed, we are paying, but I still don’t see understanding or will to change from the Asana team. I’d like to see they understand the issue.

Let me describe 2 scenarios:

  1. Developers has to refer a bug or feature ID in their git commit messages. Word and character count really do matter in commit messages, writing ‘PROJ1#123’ is much shorter than copy-pasted urls. Before Asana we had a strict system requiring to prefix commit messages with task IDs.
    Don’t come again with the task numbering, that would mean we can’t insert new lines into task lists, only append to the bottom, but there is no such limitation in Asana UI so that’s not a real solution, and Asana team is bringing this up to silence people on the forum about this.

  2. Linking tasks for client project reporting. URLs are super ugly, seriously. No chance we put those into an email or official document. On Asana’s UI it’s nice that in rich text fields the URL is substituted by the task name. So copying and pasting url into a temporary field end than copying the URL from there into the report would be a solution, but the link text doesn’t include the project, only the task name. No joy here either.

This has impacted our internal processes, code quality, project management.

I have seen other companies stepping in and trying to solve the issue with plugins, but any tech leader will try to limit 3rd party access. Is our only option to switch to Jira?


Hi @Natalia As I read Nathan’s post, it’s clear when he says “number” of tasks, he means the total quantity of tasks, not an ID number. So as @Liam_Ward says, Nathan’s post does not belong in this thread.

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Hi @Stephanie_Oberg! :wave:t5:

Thank you so much for the clarification. I have reopen @Nathan_Goss’s post and I encourage you to upvote it here: Show number of tasks in Project List

Thank you @Liam_Ward for bringing this to my attetion!

Have a nice day!

I agree.

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Requires a little bit of technical experience, but this project maybe helpful for applying Task ID (e.g. [PRJ-#]) prefixes to the name field for newly created tasks: GitHub - oppiesystems/asana-task-id: Adds a project code prefix to new tasks added in Asana using a service deployed to Vercel

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You would just start it going forward. The current guid will still be there.
It is better to think of it as a “friendly URL”

Why is it taking so long to achieve it? 3 years.


I’ve moved on to another platform. We have settled on Trello and included a power up called “Card Numbers”