Short ID for tasks

Phil, agreed, and I am not trying to be obnoxious. But I am doing a thorough analysis of Asana, and I intend to be discerning as there is a ton of investment and opportunity cost when you commit a team to a Work Management tool. I too am an entrepreneur and software creator, and it goes against all Agile/Lean and general best practices I’m aware of to ignore customers to this extent. There really should be no threads in this forum - which is heavily promoted by the Asana Product Team themselves - that are ignored. At the very least I think there should be enough staff assigned to the forum to provide transparent communication, so the frequent voices of “stop ignoring us” disappear. We are talking about an organization with massive means: pre-IPO, large engineering team, etc. They are at the top of its industry:

So I am coming in with high expectations. And facing $30/month for a license (I can’t do yearly, and need the business features), plus probably double that for plugins that offer basic functionality absent, like time tracking, Gantt, your excellent tool, and adding Custom ID’s (!), this is all the more reason my expectations are high.

If you look at that chart and the mass of tools coming up on Asana, many of which I’ve extensively tested, none have:

  • any issue with whether you can view your project in a list or board - took forever to get that fixed here
  • the notion of a “start date” on a task - also took forever to implement
  • Negligible Custom Fields that don’t even include date!
  • No markdown in task description:

Asana is fairly brilliantly conceived with it’s structure and flexibility. But this is not stuff that’s particular genius, and many of the tools on that chart mirror the basic functionality of Multi-homing tasks. On the other hand, more of the basics that are missing in Asana around the great structure, like this list above, are coming along slowly in my opinion, compared to the other guys who are more agile as I observe the way the listen to user requests.

I appreciate that Asana is now at scale and no work is easy. But that comes with being successful. It’s a very competitive space, and some of these features have to be added, no matter how challenging, or users will look elsewhere.