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I would like to know if is possible to shift specific tasks’s deadlines. Let me put in an example:
-Task 1 has a deadline the 17th of May

  • Subtask 1 has a deadline the 16th of May
  • Subtask 2 has a deadline the 17th of May
    -Task 2 has a deadline the 20th of May.

Let’s say that all this tasks need to be shifted 5 days into the future for X reason. Then all tasks will have a new deadline:
-Task 1 on the 22th of May
-Subtask 1 on the 21th of may
-Subtask 2 on the 22th of May
-Task 2 on the 25th of May.

to make this deadline change in one or two tasks is easy…but when more tasks and subtasks are involved is really time consuming.
Is there a way to do what I suggest?

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Automatically adjust subtask due dates

Not really what you are looking for, but a workaround for this was posted by Asana a while ago.

It states it won’t work with subtasks. But perhaps it would if you ran a search that would list all relevant Tasks and subtasks?


Asana works great for building and planning an editorial calendar, but it quickly becomes cumbersome when deadlines shift, which happens often. When I update the due date for a task – say, pushing it 1 week later than originally assigned – I have to manually update the due dates for 10-20 subtasks to account for this change. It would be great if subtasks could mirror the parent task and automatically update – to 1 week later, in this example.

Alternatively, I’d like to have a way to build in the amount of time individual subtasks take. For example, a ‘first edit’ subtask is dependent on the ‘first draft’ subtask and it typically takes 3 days to complete. If the first draft is delayed, I would like the due date of the first edit subtask to adjust itself to 3 days after the first draft subtask is completed.

As neither of these are possible at the moment, can anyone suggest a workaround?


Thanks for your feedback @Alexis_Wnuk! If you don’t mind, I’m just going to merge your post with Shift dealines on time so we can gather all this feedback on one thread. @Vince_Mustachio has shared a workaround (How do I set Asana to automatically trigger due date creation upon completion of other tasks?), it is not exactly what you’re looking for as it still requires manual work, but you might find it helpful!


Thank you for this suggestion, Marie. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for my purposes as I need to change the due dates of subtasks within a parent task, based on how the due date for the parent task changes.


Hi @Marie, I’m looking for exactly the same functionality as @Alexis_Wnuk. It feels almost like a bug that I can make sub-tasks dependent on a task (all in the same project) but the dependencies don’t show in timeline (as they do when a task is dependent on a task) AND then when you move the due date of the task the due date of the dependent sub-tasks don’t change. A new user is almost certain to make some really important errors as a result.

We need the capability to make sub-tasks dependent on tasks and to show this correctly in Timeline (in fact dependencies were one of the main reasons we chose Asana instead of Monday!) but at the moment it feels ‘risky’ to use sub-tasks at all :frowning:

Please can you advise if Asana is looking into this?


Hi @Phil2! To make sure your dependencies show in the Timeline, you must add your subtask to the parent task project manually following these steps. Once you do that, you should see the subtask and its dependency on your Timeline. Hope this helps!