Sharing content from mobil app/browser to Asana on Android


I would like to share a link to a webpage or photo from gallery to asana on my mobil. Asana is not in the list of options. I see Google+ n others. Not asana.

Samsung Galaxy S8+… also on the Samsung tablet and a LG Styo 2



Hi @Stewart
This is probably just an android thing. I just tried sharing content from Safari to Asana using my iPhone and it seems like it allows to create new task with the contents from Safari. I also tried using Photos and same behavior.

Let’s wait for others if they can confirm the behavior in Android.



I am on iPhone and it works too


I am on S8 and getting the same issue… Please have asana appear in the standard sharing dialogue on Android. Thanks


@Stewart nice suggestion. You should add it to the Product Feedback category so it can be voted on.

I’m running Android Nougat and do not have the capability either.


I am trialling Asana and Wrike at the moment before deciding which to purchase and just noticed this. Can’t share anything from any Android app to asana , works flawlessly with Wrike. This is basic stuff and extremely useful feature. I was hoping it is something I can fix within my own phone settings and not something that will require voting to be added by asana !


I am always emailing task to my Asana, feels quicker. See


Thanks , that’s for sure very useful. But in my part of the world WhatsApp is everything , we use it for businesses communication more than emails. I communicate with my team and the freelancers I occasionally hire via whatsapp because it’s so easy and powerful. We also use Amazon and Aliexpress for sourcing material for our prototypes and sharing via whatsapp so easy. Anyway , if competitors doing it then you need to watch that space ! ,


It is still missing in Android. I would really appreciate this feature on my phone and tablet.



+1 vote. It would be very productive.


Android not showing Asana in share to link


Any news on this feature? I am also using android and do NOT see asana in the share list.


Done. Wait n see what happens.


@Stewart no need to insist, I am hiding two of your three messages. Also moving to Product Feedback so you can upvote.


I have noticed today that this request has been implemented to the android app. Thank you Asana :))


Thanks for getting back. Yes it’s true Asana is included in the share options list on Android. Thank you Awesome.