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We are a dental office and we use Asana for repetitive simple daily tasks,such as cleaning traps and cleaning the sterilizer. We have Teams( front desk and Assistants) and tasks assigned to them. For me,it doesn’t matter who completes those tasks as long as they are done every day. Is there a way to assign a task to more than 1 person, or to the whole Team, so that it shows up on all of their My Tasks, but once anyone of them marks it compete, to have the task disappear from others lists? If one assistant did it, there is nonneed for the other ones to see it on their My Tasks list, but until it’s done,i want it to be im all of their lists. Please help.

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@Smile_Center, Not exactly, but I think the Asana-recommended way to handle this would be to make sure you add these kinds of tasks (unassigned) to a project that all potential assignees are members of. Make sure they look for the orange dot by their Inbox or in the browser tab title and check notifications regularly (or have email notifications on and use that as a trigger to check their Asana Inbox).

Then it’s up to one of them to take on the task, or maybe they’re in a better position to know the workload of their colleagues and one could assign the most likely candidate.

If you think of this as the project members being responsible that this gets done by one of them, I don’t think that’s any less accountability than if multiple assignees were to be allowed.

It’s true the task won’t appear in all the My Tasks (only in all their Inboxes). But you could achieve that by making them each assignees of separate subtasks of this task to further call to their attention. It’s more work, but you could duplicate a “template” task with these subtasks as a model for new such tasks to hasten the process.

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