Shared Project Tasks Stage Align


I have tasks that are shared across two projects (A & B). Is there a way to get the task stages aligned when it changes in one of the projects?

For example:

At the time the task is shared the stage is “in-process” for both Project A and B. Someone moves the stage to “review” in project B. Now the task Project A is “in-process” and in Project B is “review”.

Is there any way to make sure the stages are aligned between Project A and B. Is this possible with a rule?

Thanks in advance!


If the stages are custom fields then yes, if you use a single field added to the library. If the stages are sections/columns, I fear you can’t sync them… (unless using external automation)

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Now that Asana rules can trigger other rules, you can sync sections using a common custom field.


So you would need an underlying shared custom field to sync sections in both projects? Nice, haven’t though of that :heart:

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