Shared List - Parts to Order

Good day, can anyone tell me how to accomplish this with Asana.
I place a parts order from our supplier about once per 3 weeks. Everyday, while working in the shop, members of the team send me post it notes on my desk / office door of parts i need to order !

There has to be a way that I could have a shared list in Asana where we could simply add to this list until we are ready to place the order…and then delete it and start a new one, or simply mark it as complete or something ?

Anybody has a solution ?

Hi there @Sebastien_Themens,

Since Asana functions well as a list keeper anyway, I would create an ongoing project jsut for your parts order. Each part/item requested would be a task, assign the due date as the order date and mark each part complete once the part is ordered. You could either create a SECTION for each order date, or create a TASK for each order date and make each item a subtask. (For me personally this would help keep things tidy since the subtasks collapse out of view but stay together according to the order date.) This also is helpful so you have a record to look back at what was requested/ordered and when.

If your teammates are Asana users you can either a) give them access to the project and they can add items as tasks themselves, or b) make them comment-only collaborators so they can see the project, but can only request parts in a comment.
You would still get a notification of any comments or added tasks, so either way it would at least alert you to address any new requests.

If you are on a premium plan or above you could create a form for a parts request. Then the employees could submit all requests via the form, creating a new task each time. This would definitely help centralize all such requests. You can send them a link to the form and/or they can save the link in their browser if they use mobile device. This is also handy since they do not have to be an Asana user to fill out this form.

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