Share sections between projects



My company is using Asana to manage ils projects and it’s working pretty well.

However we’re experiencing the following issue that make us loose time:

Asana offer a feature that allow us to share tasks and sections between projects. This us really helpful as several of my projects share reunions.

My use case is that I share a section “Project management” between several projects. This section include all my reunions as tasks.

However, when I add a task in this section, this task is not shared automaticaly whith all the projects that hold the section.

Will this feature be available soon ?

Thank you in advance.



I can’t comment on whether this will change in the future. For now, I’d say that your problem can be quickly solved by bulk editing tasks. Simply click the top task in the section, then holding shift on your keyboard select the bottom task in the section and you’ll select all tasks between the top and bottom.

Now that you’ve selected all tasks, you can add them all to the new project and change the section right there on the task pane as well. It’s not an automated solution, but still very quick to make bulk edits.

Does this make sense?



The solution you describe can work indeed, and that’s what we are currently doing.

But in my opinion it removes the utility of this “share” functionality, because it can imply errors (forgetting to add a task to a project) and consume more time.

Thank you anyway for your answer.