Setting up sub-tasks to inherit the parent Task status when it is descoped

If the main task is descoped the associated sub-tasks do not inherit this status. How can I set up so sub-tasks also descope automatically?

Hi @Carolynne_Hamilton

What do you mean by descope? What action do you want the subtasks to take when your main task is descoped?

Can you please elaborate?


Possible meaning of descope: remove from the scope of development and action, aka “Won’t Fix”. I suspect the user is asking - if I Complete (or otherwise descope, e.g. with custom field edit) a Task, how can I make sure the Subtasks are also Completed (or otherwise similarly descoped)?

Hi Rahad,

What I mean by descope is that a Task that was originally agreed as in being in the scope of work for a project is later reviewed in subsequent MoSCoW sessions and becomes a “Won’t do”. Many of our Tasks are associated with either technical builds or creative/promotional effort (like marketing campaigns, content for websites, events etc). I’m keen to have Subtasks inherit the Descoped status of the parent to reduce manual updating, which is not efficient.

yes - I’m using custom fields Stephanie to manage status of tasks.

Unfortunately, it seems it is not possible to create a Rule so that a state change of a Task causes action to be taken on Subtasks. Seems like a big gap. :frowning:

FYI this is available on rules in our Flowsana integration: