Setting up a team vs. org


Hey Alexis, just trying out Asana with our architecture firm and contractors. We have a few different email domains. Originally I set it all up as 1 TEAM and added everyone. Would you recommend doing it differently? Can’t find a specific comparison chart for Team vs. Org. Thanks much!


By “Team” do you mean you are working out of a Workspace?

Generally, I recommend Organizations over Workspaces. Even if y’all have multiple email domains, you can actually have our support team add all those email domains to your Organization (assuming your company owns them all).

Using an Organization would let you Organize your projects into different teams and you’ll be able to take advantage of admin features (if you’re using Asana Premium).

More food for thought here:

Hope that helps!


Alright, so I set up 3 Orgs and will not be using my workspace. Our project works with a number of consultants and contractors, would they all need to sign up? @Alexis is it possible to send reports and visuals without? or should I screenshot? I don’t want to ask all the architects to sign up when they simply need to look at the progress of various tasks.


Screenshots could work, you may also consider sharing a Google Sheet export with them:


Yes, considered both. The calendar and list views are the most useful visuals in this case. Construction documents come in by the thousands and to summarize them in a simple, visual format is REALLY helpful. Thanks.