Setting two due dates under one task

Hi Asana Community,

I’m wondering if there is any way to set two due dates underneath one task. Or wondering what is the best solution to the following:

  1. I created a task for my graphic designer (i.e. Design Social Media Ad)
  2. I give my graphic designer a due date of Nov 10th.
  3. However, I want there to be a second due date of when I would be launching/posting the ad (Nov 15th). This would be used internally by my team so they are aware of our marketing strategy and when assets will be posted for the public.

If we can’t set two different due dates, what’s the best solution to this problem?


Hello @Jeisha_Moran welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

You won‘t be able to set two due dates per task, you can only set a date range.
One option would be to add a subtask for your designer.
So the main task could be assigned to you or the person who has to publish the post/ad.

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I would use Nov 10th as the Due Date of the task (in the Asana Due Date field), and put the real outward-facing execution date on Nov 15th right into the Task heading (“Design Social Media Ad-Launch Nov 15th”). That keeps all the info in one Task without the need for Subtasks.

Alternatively, I would create 2 tasks, one for Design and 1 for Launch, and make sure that there is a link for the other Task in each. With this approach, each Task can be assigned to its correct owner.

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Those are all good options. Also consider setting a Task Dependency (if you’re on a paid plan).



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