Setting Job Roles




I am currently Organizing our Processes. We have set task description and job roles for each and every member of our team. Is there any way to Set Job Roles for each member so that when someone is assigning a task, He/She would be delegating it to the right member?

Just like if “MEMBER X” role is for anything related to Website Buildout

The one who will assign a new buildout process will get suggestion of the “MEMBER X” name?


If only this were possible! I haven’t seen anything like it, though. You could probably do some work with the custom fields and cobble something together but it wouldn’t do exactly what you’re describing.

For example, certain people on my team does development work, ad buying, etc, so I have custom fields for those categories. When those categories are listed, whoever is assigning the task knows who it goes to. This could get messy if you have a large team, though!


Hi @Jen3

I’ve been pondering this for the last few minutes and I wonder if it might be easier to flip things round a bit. Instead of allocating tasks to individuals, you could allocate the tasks to the roles, using tags. So . . .

  • You create a tag - ‘Website Buildout’, for example.
  • You create a new task and tag it.
  • Whoever’s responsible for that role saves the tag in their favourites list.
  • Whenever they click on ‘Website Buildout’, they’ll see all tasks associated with that tag and assign any unassigned ones to themselves.

It’s a slight risk relying on people to check that list and pick up their own tasks, but if they get in the habit of doing it every day, they shouldn’t miss anything.

Now that I’ve typed it and read it back, I wonder if I’ve over-complicated the whole thing!


We use the tagging option. We have multiple directors that are assigned to different clients. When we set up a new project, we use the tag “account manager” to do a bulk assignment to an individual.