Setting due dates based on a starting date

Is there a way to automatically generate due dates based off of a starting date?

For example, I want to create tasks that are due 30 days and 365 days after a new employee is hired.

If I hire a new employee on 1/1/20, is there a way to automatically generate a new task with a due date of 2/1/20 and 1/1/21 ?

To give some more context. I’d like those subtasks to automatically update if I change the initial starting date.

In other words, I want the sub tasks to be due +30 days and +365 days after an initial starting date, no matter what starting date I choose.

If you setup the initial project with the tasks linked via dependencies and then make that project a template. When you create a new project from that template and enter the new start date it will update the dates based on that new start date.
Have a look at this guide article

The other alternative would be a third party app like Flowsana, developed by community member @Phil_Seeman

Hope this helps.



Hi @Andrew_Borges, as Jason says, for a simple initial setting of dates based on their relative settings in a template, Asana will handle that. If you want to true ability to define tasks as “due 30 days and 365 days after” another task, then Flowsana will give you that capability.

Another question: If I create a template with dependencies, and then create a project from that template, and I change the start date, is it correct that the Asana program will automatically create new dates based on those dependencies without manually entering any dates for all tasks that are dependent on a previous task? Follow up question. What happens to dates for tasks that do not have dependencies?

Hi Sandy :wave:,

The automatic date shifting done by Asana when creating a project based on a template has nothing to do with dependencies. If you define due dates AND the template project has dates -> then the resulting project dates and tasks due dates will be shifted.