Setting Due Dates at the End of the Month

Feature request: Please change the calendar view for assigning due dates so that the calendar always shows the next four or five weeks, with today’s week at the top, rather than the current month. Why? At the end of each month, I see the previous four weeks, which are of little interest to me when assigning due dates in the future. Thanks for considering.

I really agree with this. I find it very frustrating that the calendar opens showing April when setting the due date on a task on the 1st May. It would be much more helpful to show the date range that is helpful for the task

Today is 10/31 so the Due Date calendar shows the rest of this week and all the way back to 9/25. Seems like most people who are updating the due date are making it for a future date so I think it would be more helpful to show the current week and the 4 upcoming weeks so you don’t have to page fwd to the next month.

Hi @Jon_Pacific, thank you for taking the time to submit your feedback. You make a good point. I’ve merged your feature request with the thread above to consolidate the feedback. :+1: