Setting a project-level tag

We are doing a trial-run of Asana to see if it will work for our legal marketing team.

We do projects for attorneys in our firm. We want to be able to tag a project with the name of the attorney who requested it. There are around 160 attorneys.

We’d also like to tag a project with the area of law (practice/section) that it supports (e.g. Litigation). There are something like 20 practices we would choose from, and sometimes a project would support multiple, or all, practices.

I see that tags can be applied to individual tasks, but this doesn’t make sense for what we are trying to do (have a searchable field at the project level).

Has anyone figured out a workaround that let’s them create more unique, searchable fields to identify projects than just the two (name and description)?

If not, I don’t think Asana will work for us.


Hi @Troy_Brophy,

Asana does not provide specifically for tags at the project level.

However, are you considering the Business level subscription? If so, then you have access to Portfolios as a way to organize your projects. Portfolios allow you to define custom fields at the project level. You could create a custom field for Requesting Attorney. You could also create one for Practice Area, but here you do run into a catch: while it’s been discussed as a possible product addition, there is currently no support in custom fields for choosing multiple values. I’m not sure of a great solution for that; perhaps others here will have ideas.


Thanks, Phil.

We’re trying to keep the budget low (to increase the chance of approval to use Asana), but it seems like going with the Portfolio’s feature in the Business-level subscription would resolve the bigger issues we’re facing.


@Troy_Brophy, As an alternative, you might want to consider the solution I outline here: