Set tag color of new tag for everyone via API


I am currently developing a synchronization algorithm between a personal app and an asana project. This requires me to use a BOT account which will initially create the project and add some predefined tags which the users will be able to link via the color and name to my app. But I ran into the problem, that while logged in with the BOT account, the tags are colored, for everyone else they are gray. I saw the functionality set color for everyone in the UI interface but failed to find the same functionality in the API.

Of course I can just use the name and let the users set their own color, but it would be really nice and handy to provide a predefined color palette.

Is there any plan to expose this feature in the API anytime soon?

Thank you for your answer.

Actually I believe I have the same issue as you. I don’t understand why my color is not applied… @Joe_Trollo help?

Unfortunately, the API does not expose the “color for everyone” and users are only able to set the colors they see themselves. We do not currently have plans to expose that functionality.

Heelo Joe,

I was wondering if this functionality is added in the API now?


No, sorry, @Carlos_Isas, not currently available in the API.