Set reminder for update after XX amount of days

Is there a way to set reminders for other users to provide an update on a task after XX amount of days?

I’ve tried to create a reoccurring task, and set a rule so when the due date is today, it adds a comment requesting an update but this didn’t work.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks!

are you able to share your rule as I have a rule on some tasks in my project that sends updates on due date, 3 days after and 7 days after… and they work?

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Of course, thank you.

My current rule is:
If due date is approaching (task is due today), it will trigger a comment on the task requesting an update.

The tasks are reoccurring on a weekly basis, if that helps. Is there a trigger or an action in your rules I don’t have included?

One of the things that aren’t exactly intuitive to know is that “Due date approaching” rules run only at midnight as the day turns. So if you did this rule on a task that was already set for due today it won’t work. It’d work on any task that isn’t due today, but it won’t run until midnight.

I say all of that because your rule should work as you’ve written it there.

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