Set default Project Status and Project Priority options and colors

Is there a way to set default settings for project status and priority status options and colors? I have setup and saved those settings in our library, but each time I import a new project CSV file I have to go in and edit the options each time, add the other options like in progress, completed, etc and set the colors as well. Even though I saved the name of the field in the library it also dose not seem to recognize the filed title, so I have to manually add the options and colors each time. If I ask it to save to our library, it states this field already exists, so do not understand why I have to manually reset for every project manually. It would be nice if you could set those as default settings and would carry over to any new project import. Thank you

Hi @Steven_Bennion:

Project templates are the way to go if you want consistent custom fields. When you import a CSV file, import it into a project template. In that template you can include the following rule:

Change Custom Field
Trigger: Task added to this project
Action 1: Change Project Status to In Progress
Action 2: Change Project Priority to High

If you haven’t utilized templates before, here is a rundown:


Thank you Mike. I do not see how when I am importing a new project CSV file an option to import it as a template. I do see I can save an existing project in Asana as a template, but that would not help my issue as the projects, tasks, assignees, etc change each time I set up a new project, so I would not be using the same template each time. Also I should mention I use the CSV file import due to bulk upload of 25 to 100+ task projects. Unless I am missing something, I am pretty new to using Asana so very possible.

Hi Steve,

Completely understand your concern. With project templates, you can create new projects with identical custom fields, rules, and similar tasks, so you are correct with your assumption.

I posted about having different tasks for different kinds of projects (link below). Essentially, i created a project that is my Task Library for any situation I may need. This solves your repetitive process of continually adding tasks manually, where this you just copy and paste.

It does not solve however your CSV import. Do you plan to be using this same process or moving things over to Asana full-time?

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Hi Mike, My team is in Asana full-time now after moving over all our projects from MS Planner in February. That is a great workaround, but I can have one project that can a dozen or more sections/buckets alone so would be hard to house them in one plan without losing track of which tasks belong to which project plan as there can be similar sections/buckets on some of our projects, but actual tasks could be different. If all the tasks for one project plan could fit underneath one section/bucket I could see how that would be super helpful and easier. I think you may just be stuck manually changing out colors and options to match other existing projects and relish in the glory if I can use an identical existing project footprint in Asana as a template.

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