Set an End Date for Recurring Tasks


I use projects that have several tasks and some are being repeated. For Example:

Task1: First 3 weeks check “xy” daily
Task2: week 4-8 check “xy” weekly
Task3: week 9-12 check “xy” monthly

How do I set up the recurring task in such a way that it stops after X days/weeksor months without having to copy this task as often as I need it. The reason behind it is that I use templates for every project and this task contains different information every time. Ofcourse I could copy this information into the description field but for Taks1 alone this would mean I have to copy it 21 times which would not be smart.

In short I would welcome the option to repeat a task daily, weekly, monthly and stop after X repetitions.

Could you implent this any time soon? Or is there maybe a workaround I have not thought of?

Thanks in advance!


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