Separate team upgraded to organization and Asana use is now restricted

Hello! A team within my company procured Asana as their project management tool. It seems they’ve upgraded to an organization with limited licenses intended only for this specific teams use. Unfortunately, this means my team can no longer use our company email domain to access Asana accounts which has disrupted our workflows considerably (we used to login to a vendors Asana account for task tracking using our company emails which consumed a free guest license from the vendor). We aren’t comfortable using personal emails for work related activities. I’m wondering if there is a better way for this team to structure their account in a way where other users in our company can still use our company emails but not consume their licenses? They’ve effectively restricted use of this tool to only their team which doesn’t make sense, hoping there is a way around it. Has anyone ran into this before?

There are ways to do that, but it’s something that needs to be configured by Asana Sales; can’t be done just by you or the other team. Contact Asana Sales (hopefully in coordination with the other team) for assistance.

Basically, the way it works is that the organization as a whole is set up as an organization on the Free plan, and then on top of that it can be configured to have multiple independent Teams or Divisions (where a Division is a group of multiple teams on the same billing plan) on separate paid plans.

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