Separate Email Field For Tasks



Hi All,

My company uses Asana as a recruiting CRM where we have the project as the job and candidates as the tasks. We put all general candidate info in the notes section such as contact info, social media links, etc.

In our case when we email candidates we have to get the email address in the notes section and paste it in our email platform.

It would be cool to have emails sent out from Asana with a mail merge/email delay feature that integrates with Gmail, Outlook, etc. Or have a customizable field within the tasks where you can add certain information. Kind of like formatting a spreadsheet cell to display certain data.


It indeed does not exist yet. But that would be feasible using an external solution, like a Chrome extension for example. If you would consider such a solution, say so :+1:

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Hi @Cameron_Cooper :wave:t3: Regarding the ability to send emails directly from Asana, I would recommend checking out this third-party integration. Hope this helps!


I would be willing to consider a chrome extension solution. I’ve tried a few but they’ve been unsuccessful.


Thanks For this Marie! Unfortunately this wouldn’t work for us because the candidates do not have an account in our Asana. The tasks are owned and assigned by recruiters and hiring managers with the task name being the candidates name and notes being the candidates info.


@lpb is the best when it comes to Chrome extension + Asana. You should contact him in PM.


Thank you!