Separate comments from action history

Any updates on this?

If Asana could implement such a feature like Paul suggested, that would be awesome!!

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Hi! Any update on this feature request? I think it would be incredibly valuable to have the task change history be hidden by default with the option to access it when needed.

Thanks! You all are awesome!

@Alexis Are there any updates on this? We also need to make sure, internally, that people are not deleting as tracking changes is really important.

almost 3 years later, wondering if there has been any progress made on this feature? I do a lot of duplicating complex tasks with multiple tags and the history is so extensive. I also don’t need third-parties viewing the history on tasks they’re a part of so hiding it for guests/non-admin would also a “nice to have”.


It’s would nice option to have activity feed and Comments to be Separate from Each other.

Hi @Rupesh_Pudi, thanks for sharing your feedback with us! We already have a thread on this topic, so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with Separate comments from action history - #5 by James_Leo to consolidate feedback!

Hi Emily,

Any Update on this?