Sending Google Doc without recipient having to request permission


Hi Everyone

I have had several instances of attaching a Google Doc in an Asana task, then receiving an irritated email frm a colleague saying that she needs to request my permission on Google to access.

I’ve been told that if I “Share” my Google Doc with the teammate using the email they have for Asana then they should be able to open it on Asana without permission. However, this hasn’t worked?

What worked for you and your team? I’d appreciate it a lot

Thank you!


Hi @jflmallon and welcome to the Community Forum. Just to clarify, when attaching a Google Doc in an Asana tasks, you’re only sharing a link the Google Document, which means that you’re not technically sharing the document itself. Your Google doc is not actually hosted in Asana, only the link to your doc is. So if you want your colleague to be able to open the doc using this link, make sure to set the permissions for this doc so “everyone with the link can open and/or edit this document” (

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!