Sending Gmail emails instead of asana emails

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I’m looking to add the ability in asana, so that instead of an Asana email for, say, overdue task, it will send an overdue email from my Gmail, with a template. Meaning - every Tuesday, an email will be sent to a specific assignee giving them a rundown of all of their overdue tasks, but it will be via a specified template and from my own email, and not an Asana email.


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Hm any specific reason why you prefer such emails, since Asana provides various reminder options such as notifications within the app, via email or even rules work great?

Did you look into automation tools such as Zapier and Integromat already?

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I am sending sales emails from Asana and as @Andrea_Mayer suggested, I use Zapier.


So, first of all thanks for the answers.
The reason I need regular emails is that a lot of the guests on my Asana (I can’t control them) have turned off reminders and Asana emails due to the large volume received from the system. So I’m looking for outside option.

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If possible, they should be trained on setting their account properly to avoid some notifications. For example, when added to a project, you are notified of new tasks by default. You also get daily task list, weekly summary…


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