Sending a voice audio in the comments section (browser and Desktop)

Thank you very much

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Yes, that would be amazing and the boost Asana needs atm imho.

For accessibility and inclusivity this should be a high priority feature!!!

why has this not been done yet?!

This needs to be integrated!

We are about to fall off using Asana because half our team exclusively communicate with voice messages… Voice to text is great but not when the translation is wrong :smiling_face_with_tear:

It’s such an obvious feature - given that slack and all have implemented this so seamlessly.

Adding a voice file from Mac isn’t useful - it doesn’t play in browser, needs to be downloaded which defeats the purpose.

I’m probably going to paste loom links for now till Asana solves for this.

Typing long comments from the mobile app is so much more tedious than sending a voice note!

Bumping this because it’s a huge accessibility need. My team needs voice notes!


Is there anyway you could add a recording feature to the description section of the app please? Also is there a poll feature?

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I have not tried it myself, but someone in the community once recommend this tool:

It allows you to add videos to the Asana task and should cover your use case.
@paulminors do you know perhaps another integration?

If it were me I’d use the dictation feature on my phone, or if you want an actual recording, I’d use something lite like Quicktime to record a small mp3 file and upload or link to this. Sorry I don’t have a better solution.

As a dsylexic I need to read and hear the directions at the same time. Voice Over isn’t a great option.

My team and I would find it enormoulsy useful do be able to record a description directly into an open task when using the app as easy as in what’s app or other smartphone messenger applications. Is there any possibility to create this feature soon? :slight_smile:


I will second you Leni. It makes life so difficult to write comprehensive descriptions specially when some of the team members are remote. We usually then either send WhatsApp voice notes or ask the team member to call us when he/she reaches that task.


This option could be so helpful for dyslexic and visually impaired workers. This could be a reasonable accommodation. I have to use slack for other things and they don’t have this feature either.

I found this: maybe works:

This feature would be so useful. Some features when users request, it’s not that complicated to add, but Asana just doesn’t want to add it.

Why you so stubborn Asana Product Team? :stuck_out_tongue: it;s already 2 years old task.

I fully support all of you who want voice recordings / audio messages in Asana Descriptions and Comments! It has become such a useful way to communicate for example in Whatsapp. Voice messages in for example descriptions would be tremendously benefitial for our company! We would love to combine the text in a description that outlines the scope of work / nature of the task with the “Here’s what we have to do and why” background explanation in a voice message.

Would like to see the ability to leave a voice message to a task or comment like Facebook messenger. Simple mic touch and release

+1 with API support :stuck_out_tongue:

Now all the messaging apps “Telegram, What’s app, wechat” supports voice message. Although asana is not a messaging app, but adding a voice ICON, and we can record and send the voice note is not too complicated thing to develop. Hopefully asana will add this feature soon.