Send to Asana From Outlook


I would love to see an option to “send to asana” from outlook. Currently I use outlook for my projects. Its easy for me to hit the send to onenote button from inside outlook and my entire email is put into the page
by merely typing the page name. This is a quick and efficient way to keep my projects noted. I would love to move all of my projects from onenote to asana so I dont have two apps but for right now I have to use tasks in asana and all of my project details in on


Hi @Leigh_ann
I use Outlook quick steps - would they work for you? I only have one, which forwards to so it shows in my task list, but if you have projects you’d forward to frequently, you could add these too.

If you want to know more about email forwarding to Asana, check these out:


The only downside is remembering the email for the project. With the send to outlook you can just start typing the name of the folder and it pulls it right up. With the email forward I would have to go to the project, look up the email address and then go back to outlook and forward the email.


We have an Outlook integration that allows you to create tasks and update them, add comments, files, etc. without needing to remember project emails.


HI @Leigh_ann

I had the same problem, so I added my projects to my outlook contacts, using the project title as the name. Now I can just start typing it in the ‘To’ box and it comes right up.


Ahhh…very good idea Mark.

Thank you!


One question - when I email the task it comes in unassigned. How do I fix that?


Have a look at the sendana app that @James_Carl has put together it is very good.


@Leigh_ann I use the Sendana app @Jason_Woods mentioned, you can add tasks, conversations, tags - you name it, it will do it for you! Saves me lots of time and aggrevation


I think this is going to be a lifesaver!!! Finally I can drag attachments from my email right into a task.
Thank you!


Maggie_Reddi - how can I add notes to a subtask? Subtasks sometimes appear as read-only under the main task and sometimes don’t appear at all. Also, why don’t I have the doc icon?

Sorry to message you here but the '‘contact-us’ form isn’t working.


Thanks Jason - one question, when selecting a project do you have to scroll through the drop down list or can you start typing the name and it will populate a selection?


Yes you can start typing the name of the project and it will appear.


Thanks! I like the program. I do wish that Asana would recognize rich text. i will lose alot of pictures and designs that are sent in email threads. I guess a work around that is to open a new message and drag the original message as an attachment and then create a task. It then copies the whole email as an attachment with the rich text. thats still a lot of steps. a copy and paste would work wonders :frowning:


Hi, you can add your own email to the recipients fields so that the task will be assigned to that email (you), there is a downside, if you add your email to auto assign to you, you will receive this email as well, that you have to delete. Anyone has a solution for that? @Leigh_ann