Send message to assignee when Task is overdue

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Sometimes our team forgot to complete the tasks or change the due date when the task is overdue.
In custom rule section i saw that it possible to sen messagesd to slack or teams, is the any possibilities to create rule to sending messages deirtctly in asana or at least send an reminde email somehow?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I don’t think there is an action for sending a message, but this is my workaround for following up with overdue tasks:

  • I’ve set up a rule that triggers when the due date is overdue 3 days.
  • When the rule is triggered, a comment is posted on the overdue task to bring it back up in the task assignee’s Inbox.
  • I @mention myself in the comment text—that way I also get a notification in my Inbox and can follow up with the task assignee directly.

Thanks a lot for your reply Erika, but it is a bit strange, according the custome rules i can configure to send message via slack or teams, but cant do the same with asana messenger or email at least :slight_smile:

@Asana team, where i can post a user story to your backlog?:))

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Hi @Natik_Aleskerzade if you add you suggestion/request to the Product Feedback category it can then be noted by the Asana product team and other people can up vote your request.

Just check prior that an already Produce request hasn’t already been made.


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