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Hi, I have a question please and I really need help:

I’m using Asana as an order tracking tool, each task is an order and the task owner is the customer. my question is can I send an automatic email to the task owner when I change the status of the order, for example in the picture below, when the I change the assembly from not started to complete I want the task owner to receive an email about that update.


Hello @Akram_Alhafez!

Users are able to subscribe to email notifications on activity updates on tasks. You can see the various forms of these notifications and how the owner would need to configure their profile settings in this section of the Asana Guide: Email notifications | Product guide • Asana

As for notifying the owner when the assembly custom field is changed to “complete”, I believe the best way to generate this notice is to create a rule that pastes a comment once this criteria is met.

For a much simpler approach to subscribe to any change within a Custom Field, follow @lpb’s recommendation in his post below: send an update email to task owner - #3 by lpb



The first half of @Jerod_Hillard’s solution is great, but instead of the rule, a much simpler approach is to check the checkbox shown below which is found in the dialog to edit your Assembly dropdown custom field:

@Jerod_Hillard, ideally you’d update your solution to include this for future readers.



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@lpb my response was intended to be a solution for when a specific criteria in a custom field was selected, not for any change within the custom field. I updated my post to make that clear and mentioned your simpler solution for those interested to subscribe to any change to a custom field!

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Good point, @Jerod_Hillard. You’re totally correct and sorry for missing that the first time around.


No apology needed, @lpb! Iron sharpens iron!


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