Send a Slack notification when a task is due

Is it possible to have a Slack notification when an Asana task is due? Probably on the day or whatever - I can’t find anything with the current integration or that it would be possible using Zapier either.

I am always reluctant to have clients have a strong bound between Slack and Asana. Why don’t you use Asana fully and get people to use their My Tasks view? If you don’t, then Asana will be slowly emptied of its value and it will become that “ghost” tool where some people sometimes create tasks… :frowning:

Hi @Marije_Pierson. I don’t believe it is possible to have this type of notification via the Asana/Slack integration or via Zapier. As I’m sure you know, the integration is great for creating Asana tasks directly within Slack ( ) …but as @Bastien_Siebman pointed out, our group also defaults to using Asana for all the notifications/task due dates.

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Not really, we have people who need to update stuff in Asana but aren’t using it all day long but are in Slack all the time. A prompt like “this task is due today, click here to action it” would be useful. People don’t remember to pre-emptively go and view “My tasks” or read the daily email Asana sends. Instead of the Slack integration being about “what has just happened in Asana”, it might be useful to have a more proactive flow with “these are the things you’ve got to do today” and then ways to either access them or mark them as done.


Hey everyone! I’ve been experiencing a lack of “due date” push-notifications functionality as well for a long time, so I decided to solve that problem and finally developed a Chrome extension for that! Please, try it out, and if you have some questions or suggestions, feel free to reach me out by my facebook

the link isnt working :frowning:

100% agree. Changing behavior is hard, and for employees who don’t use Asana regularly (which likely will be most of my team) a Slack integration that supports automatic reminders about upcoming due dates is essential for my team to embrace Asana.

My team has all but abandoned another tool because it does not push reminders into Slack. This could be a blocker to us adopting Asana.

You probably won’t agree with me then 😩 Stop trying to connect slack and Asana

We have too many tools to keep track of. We’d rather not adopt another tool that we have to check on a daily basis for simple notifications. Good design meets users where they are at. Forcing users to open Asana (or email) to be reminded of a due date when Slack is their primary place for communication and notifications makes no sense.