Selecting What Custom Field Shows In List View


Using your Bug template I added a new custom field “Product” which is a Dropdown list of the websites/apps we manage. I want it to show up instead of Priority in the List View.

How do I adjust what Custom Fields are displayed in the List View?


Hi Brian,

From the manage custom fields view you can drag and drop to re-arrange the order of the custom fields. You can also use the eye icon to determine which custom fields will be visible on the list view.


Hey @Margo, that tip was really useful! However I went to look at the eye icon you mentioned as I haven’t seen that around much.

At first I hovered over the eye icon to toggle it on/off and then realized it was over the same place as the gear settings, so that wasn’t possible. I then realized it’s an option when you click the gear.

Just a small quality of life UX thing, but if it’s possible to not have those two things (eye icon and the gear settings) overlap I think that would be amazing, along with the ability to toggle the view/eye on/off.

Sorry, and just to be sure (because I think you work for Asana but I’m not sure?), tagging @Alexis for the feedback.


Margo is indeed a Success Manager at Asana! Thanks for tagging me, Caisha.