Select who receives project status updates

With status updates, you sometimes need to provide high-level updates vs. detailed project updates. It would be great to have the ability to select who receives project updates so you tailor who from the project receives which kind of update. I know a workaround is to have a separate high-level project or a portfolio be another option, however, sometimes you may have leaders that are cross-functionally involved and won’t have other projects they need updates on.

Thanks, @Rebecca_McGrath!

You can do that today if I am understanding your question.

  1. Click on the Share > Members > Manage Notifications
  2. Uncheck those you do not want to receive the high-level
  3. Post high-level report
  4. repeat 1-3 for each type of report.

Although this will manage who gets a notification of that report, each report will still show up under Dashboard, Messages and in a portfolio.

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You alluded to portfolios in your initial post but I just wanted to make sure you thought about the simple workaround of creating a portfolio of this single project for the sole purpose of high-level updates.

You could assign a separate, permanent membership to that portfolio–just those who should receive high-level updates. If desired you could include other projects if that same set of people need updates on other projects at the same frequency. Indeed you can use this approach to create arbitrary groupings of projects and people. There’d be no need to toggle settings as in @Getz_Pro’s workaround.

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Thanks @Getz_Pro and @lpb both are indeed great workarounds. I’ll definitely take that back to my team and figure out how’d we like to go about that.

Would still be great if you can select who receives it as you set it up.


You are misunderstanding the function. You are not pushing an update to people, but they have, in their settings, requested to receive it.

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